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Welcome to The Rainbow Revival

Hello from instagram!

Hey there, we're so glad you decided to pop on over and take a look at what we do. 

In a nutshell, we collect broken inflatables from the Alpes-Maritimes department in France and transform them into water-resistant, bags and accessories.

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Kiddie Pool Fun

Save that inflatable!

Don't throw away your inflatables.
Give them to us (please!)

What we make

Our bags and washbags are super versatile and most importantly, made from 100% recycled plastic inflatables.

Come rain or shine our accessories will brighten up your day. 

Optimized-Sewing flamingo.jpg

Custom Creations

Are your children distraught because their flamingo passed on? Why not surprise them with a mini pouch, perfect for storing their pencils and pens for school.

Confessions of a...

.....female immigrant entrepreneur in the South of France. Sounds sexy doesn't it (oh I wish it was).

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